The Trinitarian

trinitarian The Trinitarian has been published continuously within the ACC since 1979.

The Offical Gazette

The Trinitarian is the Offical Gazette of the Anglican Catholic Church.  First published in April of 1979 as an organ of the Diocese of the Holy Trinity, it became a churchwide publication in 1982, and is distributed today throughout North America and across the world.

In addition to publishing news, editorials, and reviews, as Official Gazette of the ACC, The Trinitarian is charged with printing notices of Acts of Synod, actions by the College of Bishops, and any matters of policy that the College may direct. 

Publication Information

The Trinitarian is published six times annually--January, March, May, July, September, and November-- and is available both a  print and digital format (via pdf download).  These are identical in content and appearance.  Annual subscription rates are US$ 22 for the digital edition only; US$ 25 for the print edition only; and US$ 28 for both editions. 

Rates outside the USA are slightly higher; for specifics, kindly contact the Circulation Manager (information below).  Additional donations above the subscription rates are greatly appreciated and are tax deductable for US readers.

Submission and Subscription

News stories and other items of note should be brought to the attention of the Editor for consideration.  Articles and photos submitted to the editor will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Emailed submissions are always welcome.

To subscribe to The Trinitarian, please contact the Circulation Manager.  Alternatively, subscriptions may be purchased online through the Anglican Parishes Association website.

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