South America

Procession in Colombia The liturgy has proven to be an effective way to
reach out to the youth in Colombia

A Resurgent Church in Colombia

The ACC has long had a presence in South America, but since 2003, its mission has been hindered by the lack of a resident bishop.  That changed in October 2010 when the Reverend German Orrego-Hurtado was consecrated to the See of New Granada.  Under his leadership, the Church in Colombia and Venezuela is experiencing a renaissance, which looks likely to continue in the years ahead. 

At present, the MSSP provides assistance to the community of Christ in Colombia through the Foundation of Santa Maria de Veracruz, an organization whose specific mission is to minister to seniors at nursing facilities.  Additional support goes to the Foundation Anglican San Francisco De Asis, which provides supervision and religious instruction for 150 school children in the community of Pereira.  Young people, in particular, have been enthusiastic about the Anglican liturgy and the opportunities it provides to witness to their peers.

An important project for the coming year is to purchase a plot of land in the city of Pereira and construct on it a new parish church.  This structure will not only provide the people of the community with a new place to worship, it will also serve as headquarters for the Foundation of Santa Maria de Veracruz.  With a new and more modern facility, it can expand its staff and extend its mission into the surrounding area.

Ordinations represent a new beginningBishop Orrego-Hurtado has ordained  a
number of new ministers in Venezuela.

New Leadership in Venezuela

Things are likewise looking up in Venezuela, where the ACC has had a presence since the early 2000s.  Though for a time, numbers in Venezuela were small, the Church is on a path to greater growth. 

The ordination of new priests and deacons by Bishop Orrego-Hurtado has resulted in more consistent and better pastoral care.  Missions have been established in the some of the poorer areas of Caracas, as well as the surrounding territories in the state of Miranda.  Some support comes from outside sources, but donations to the MSSP help in this area as well.  Funding is needed both to improve infrastructure and to extend the reach of charitable programs.

To find out more about the MSSP and its mission, contact its director, The Reverend Stephen Scarlett

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