ACC-Canada expands into Nova Scotia

April 29, 2014 by Jonathan Foggin

Father Charles Warner is filled with "a deep sense of hope" for the ACC in Canada.

The Anglican Catholic Church is moving east--into eastern Canada, that is.  According to the April edition of the Traditional Anglican News, the recently established Missionary District of Canada now has a presence in Nova Scotia. 

The reception of the Parish of the Holy Cross, Sydney Forks, marks an expansion of the ACC in Canada beyond its core in Ontario, as it gains a foothold in an area that has great significance to the history of Anglicanism at large. 

It was here that the first colonial jurisdiction of the Church of England was formed when George III, by letters patent, created the The Province of Nova Scotia in 1787.  In doing so, he began a process that would transform a small, national church into a worldwide communion of Christians.  Anglicans outside the British Isles can look to Nova Scotia as a model for their own churches, and an important piece in the development of English church polity.

For the ACC, the addition of Holy Cross represents another step in the reintroduction of traditional Anglicanism to Canada.  Founded in 2003 on the principles expressed in the Affirmation of St. Louis, Holy Cross sees its mission as being wholly in line with that of the ACC--that is opening up new fronts for evangelism by proclaiming the ancient and undivided faith. 

Father Charles Warner, Rector of Holy Cross, states that in looking to the future, he and his parishioners are "filled with a deep sense of hope," and that their goal is "to become that traditional Anglican presence in Cape Breton."  Father Robert Mansfield, Vicar General of the Missionary District, has echoed these sentiments and called for prayers of support for Father Warner, his parish, and his family.

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