Bishops encourage the faithful to remember ACC Mission Society in year-end giving


Earlier this month, the Provincial Office authorized an end of year fund drive for the Missionary Society of St. Paul.  The Society, which is currently working in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America, uses income from donations to support orphanages, schools, water projects,...

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Continuing Bishops meet to discuss Clergy Education Plan


Bishops from four Continuing Anglican jurisdictions met in Athens, Georgia last week to discuss the issue of clergy education and training.  Called by Archbishop Brian Marsh of the Anglican Church in America, the meeting included representatives from the Anglican Catholic Church, the...

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ACC Bishop assists in bringing eye care to the rural poor in South Africa


Health care in rural South Africa is not easy to come by, particularly for those who have difficulty traveling, such as the old and infirm, or the very young.  That's why when an opportunity arises to help such people by coming to them, Bishop Alan Kenyon-Hoare doesn't hesitate to act. ...

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Severe flooding threatens ACC parishes and school


Flooding in India and Pakistan this week have left hundreds dead and displaced thousands, as rivers continue to rise.  Though heavy rains are common in the monsoon season, inhabitants of the area surrounding the Jhelum and Chenab Rivers were surprised by the severity of the flood.  In...

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Bishop Ayule-Milenge of Congo visits the ACC in Cameroon


Near the end of June, the people of Cameroon received their first visit from an ACC bishop, the Right Reverend Steven Ayule-Milenge of the Diocese of Congo.  In addition to performing confirmations, Bishop Ayule-Milenge ordained seven new priests and two new deacons to serve the fast...

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