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The ACC adds new parishes in Cameroon

Feb 1, 2016


Students at St. Augustine's School in Cameroon pose with their teacher

David Mariott, Contributor. Story courtesy of The Trinitarian

The ACC has been on the ground in Cameroon only since 2010, but over the past six years, it has continued to grow. 

There are now eleven separate parishes in the country, with another four or five pending. They are located in Yaoundé, Nsimalen (near the international airport), Montale, Abong Ambang Evoudoula, Edéa and Ntui.  Total membership of the Church is 1,265. Pastoral care is provided by nine priests, two deacons and two brothers.

Father Alphonse Ndutiye, the Vicar General in Cameroon, reports that local government officials view the establishment of an ACC parish in their region very favorably.  This is in part because of the accompanying development projects of schools, health centers and other training programs.

At Edéa, for example, a community of religious is affiliated with the ACC and is involved in a project to establish a school and health center for the local population. At the School of St. Augustine, children receive an education and basic health care. 

The primary limitation on more growth is lack of funding. Even the provision of basic needs for the Church and its clergy is a major challenge, with clergy reliant on local handouts for their food.  Those who are interested in helping the church in Cameroon are encouraged to do so through the Saint Paul Mission Society.

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