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Situation still dire in the Diocese of Aweil

Feb 14, 2017


Bishop Garang draws water from a borehole in the village of Mabil.

In a recent email from the Diocese of Aweil, Bishop Wilson Garang reports that the situation there is dire.  Due to severe weather and economic crisis, many people are leaving the diocese to search for food and work in Northern Sudan.  The Bishop reports that refugees face hunger, thirst, disease, and robbers on the road; those who stay home are often reduced to eating wild leaves.

In a recent visit to a parish called Mabil, Bishop Garang spoke with residents who are using a temporary borehole to provide them with clean water.  This is because their village well has become contaminated and the walls are beginning to collapse.  The risk of being trapped when drawing water is high, particularly for children.  The Bishop hopes that donations to the Saint Paul Mission Society will help the people of Mabil construct a new, more permanent well.

Despite these hardships, the Bishop reports that the diocese is still growing.  In a recent visitation he confirmed 100 people in the village of Nhomlau, 150 in Rumketand, and 200 in Kunyuk.  He also distributed much needed food and medicine, purchased with SPMS funds in Niarobi.

The Bishop wishes to convey his thanks to the many donors who contributed to Sudanese aid.  He writes, "what you have been doing will not be forgotten by the people of Aweil--may God bless you for your concern."

Those who wish to donate to may do so online by clicking visiting the SPMS section of this website.

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