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Diocese of Lahore announces the opening of a new school.

Jun 20, 2013


At St. Peter's School, Christian children can learn and pray without suffering discrimination.

The Anglican Catholic Diocese of Lahore recently announced the opening of a new school in the city of Mian Channu in central Pakistan.  Named St. Peter's, this school is intended to provide primary education for Christian children, many of whom face discrimination as a result of their faith.  Since its founding earlier in the year, the school has has attracted significant attention within the community.  According to St. Peter's Headmaster, Deacon Ruebin Iqbal, there are fifty-five children in the school's first matriculating class. 

The Archdeacon of Lahore, Father Mushtaq Andrew, hopes that St. Peter's will provide a model for the founding of additional Christian schools in the area.  This effort to provide Christian education dovetails with the mission of Pak-Anglican Social Services (PASS), an organization founded by Father Andrew to assist the Church of Pakistan (CIPBC) in her mission to aid those in need, regardless of faith or creed, by providing them assistance in social and economic difficulty.  Father Andrew states that it is his vision "to bring change to the poor families of Pakistan by educating their children and witnessing to the Christian faith."

Funding for St. Peter's is provided by the CIPBC and others, but Father Andrew reports that additional donations can help with further expansion.  To assist in the process, click the link to the ACC's mission page for South Asia and follow the directions for processing online donations.

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