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Bishop Garang makes an appeal to tackle the problem of malaria in South Sudan

May 21, 2018


Children in South Sudan are among the most vulnerable to dying from malaria.

Bishop Wilson Garang reports that he is now well, having recovered from the sickness which accompanied him home to Nairobi from his last visit to his Diocese in South Sudan.

He hopes to return soon to the Diocese of Aweil, where malaria is a significant problem, especially in this rainy season, but without significant funds, he will have difficulty combating this dreadful, yet largely preventable disease. According to the World Health Organization, nets are one of the most effective measures for preventing the spread of malaria; however Bishop Garang notes that to obtain a large quantity of mosquito nets for the people in the villages would entail a significant cost.

As an example, a supplier has indicated that 400 nets, which is about the amount it would take to protect an average village, would cost approximately 2,800 US dollars. To this is added the cost of shipping, which given the difficulty of transportation in the area, would be even higher than the cost of the nets.  These 100% polyester nets are which are impregnated with insecticide in a special treatment process that ensures they retain their effectiveness for several years and multiple washes.

While the Saint Paul Mission Society is trying to help, resources are limited, so Bishop Garang is looking to other charitable organizations as well, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose goal (among others) is the eradication of malaria throughout the world.  As yet, no funds have been secured, so donations to the SPMS may be cruical to saving lives.

Those who are interested in supporting his mission may do so through the St. Paul Mission Society. Checks should be marked "Malaria relief" and sent to PO Box 5223, Athens, GA, 30606.  Online donations may be made by clicking here.    

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