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Archbishop requests aid for Mission Society in Advent appeal

Dec 14, 2015


Your donations will help support projects like Mama Mirriam's orphanage in Mbekweni, South Africa

The Saint Paul Missionary Society is the international missionary and humanitarian arm of the Anglican Catholic Church. 

SPMS supports clergy and educational, religious, and humanitarian works in South America, the Caribbean, Africa, south Asia, and Southeast Asia, including Colombia, Venezucla, Haiti, Cameroon, Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, South Africa, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

In Africa we have dug wells, distributed medicines and food for famine relief, purchased land and built churches, established orphanages, preschools, schools, medical clinics, and self-sufficiency programs involving agricultural programs, the purchase of sewing machines, an ore crusher, and the like. In Haiti the ACC supports a school, cares for dozens of orphans, and has installed water systems in two mountain communities that have brought piped water to thousands of people.  In Colombia we support old age homes and programs for disadvantaged children.  In Congo we assist victims of sexual violence and help in the recovery of children forced to serve as child soldiers by vicious militias.  In Pakistan under very adverse circumstances the ACC supports Christian schools and social service outreach.   

More than 95% of donations (which can be made online by clicking here) support these efforts.  The SPMS is very lean and efficient in its distribution of your contributions. 

Thanks to dedicated men and women on the receiving end of your generosity, such as Mama Mirriam at the ACC orphanage in Mbekweni, South Africa, Bishop Mushtaq Andrew in Lahore, Pakistan, Bishop Steven Ayule-Milenge in eastern Congo, and Father Jean Bien-Aime in Tapio, Haiti, the impact of the ACC for good is far greater than the size of our Church.

We have no endowment and depend entirely on your generosity. Please help this work to continue.  Undesignated gifts are most welcome, as they help to insure that the missionary society can meet its budgeted goals. 

But designated gifts for particular projects or countries are also gladly received and will be distributed according to donor instructions. You can follow the result of SPMS work on the ACC website, Facebook, or in The TRINITARIAN and are free to ask my office for updates or information.

As we prepare to welcome the Christ Child, who came to our world in poverty and helplessness, please consider a gift to the Saint Paul Missionary Society as part of your holiday observance.  To donate, click the link marked "Learn More" below.  May God bless you richly for your charity.  

+Mark Haverland
(The Most Reverend) Mark Haverland
Metropolitan & Archbishop

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