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ACC in Kenya re-launches Daughters of Mary Women's Group

Aug 7, 2018


Members of the Daughters-of-Mary display blue cloth from which headgear will be sewn.

In Kenya, Bishop John Ndegwa is hard at work rebuilding Anglican institutions that fell into abeyance prior to the diocese's entrance into the ACC.  His latest project is the re-launch of the Daughters-of-Mary, a women's service organization that will work in the Korogocho slums and upcountry missions.

The re-launch will occur later this month, and will coincide with a visit from Bishop Solomzi Mentjies of the Diocese of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, where the Mother's Union is particularly strong.  It is hoped that the Daughters-of-Mary will experience similar growth and success.

The organization has already received financial support from the parish of St. Matthew's, Newport Beach, in the form of contributions to purchase cloth for uniforms and headgear.  Over sixty women have joined the Daughters and will be present for the August meeting.

One of the organization's first projects will be the establishment of a chicken hatchery, with the goal of providing a source of protein for the people of Korogocho, as well as generating revenue through the sale of eggs.  Once this operation is up and running, Bishop Ndegwa hopes the group can provide smaller, solar powered hatcheries for people in rural areas.

Though the people are poor, Bishop Ndegwa has great hope for projects such as these.  He writes, "God has always been gracious, and we believe in His provision."  He asks for prayers for the success of the Daughters-of-Mary in its endeavors.

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