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Chaplaincy of St Mary the Virgin (in France)


193 route d’Héricourt
Hautot Saint Sulpice, France,   76190


Father Anthony Chadwick
(0033) 235 963036


he chapel is installed in an outbuilding (photos below of the work in 2008). This Chaplaincy has been under the Anglican Catholic Church Diocese of the United Kingdom since April 2013.

Our ministry is not directly pastoral but above all educational through the blog https://sarumuse.wordpress.com/, the static website http://civitas-dei.eu/ and the Facebook group ?Use of Sarum? on https://www.facebook.com/groups/749621631787100/. It consists of working on our Christian culture and liturgical heritage regardless of which institutional Church we belong to. This principle forms the basis of our contemplative, academic and educational ministry. To this work is added a new project for a periodical (to be named ?The Blue Flower?) on theological, philosophical and historical topics related to the theme of Romanticism and religion and how culture can be shaped to receive the Gospel message of Christ.

This Chaplaincy may be visited by those going to France for their holidays, conveniently situated near the main sea ports (Le Havre 1 hour, Dieppe 1 hour, Calais 2 hours). Ministry is also available to expats and French natives as asked for in the knowledge that we are Anglican Catholics.

Service Times

Mass and Office are celebrated each day at irregular times, and anyone wishing to attend a service should contact us in advance to agree on a mutually convenient time.

Service Times

Mass and Office are celebrated in this chapel each day please contact Fr Chadwick for times