Saint Matthew



Apostle and Evangelist.  

The Apostle and Evangelist Matthew (also called Levi) was a publican (that is, a public official for collecting taxes), who was called by Christ himself from the very seat of custom. Whom he forthwith followed, and thereupon...

Blessed John Coleridge Patteson



Bishop & Martyr. 

John Coleridge Patteson was the son of a judge of the High Court, and was sent to the house of his maternal uncle (Coleridge) at Eton. There he was captain of the cricket eleven. He graduated at Balliol College, Oxford, in 1849, and...

Saint Theodore



Archbishop of Canterbury and Confessor.  

This Theodore who, like the blessed Apostle Paul, was a native of Tarsus, lived as a monk at Rome, where he was well known for godliness and learning. At that time Pope Vitalian was in treaty to send an Archbishop to Canterbury after the...