Saint Joseph, Spouse of the B.V.M.



Foster Father of our Lord. 

Why was the Lord conceived of a virgin already espoused, rather than of one as yet unpledged to a man? For one thing, because from the genealogy of Joseph the lineage of Mary as a descendant of David, and thus of her Child,...

Passion Sunday



The Collect.

WE beseech thee, Almighty God, mercifully to look upon thy people; that by thy great goodness they may be governed and preserved evermore, both in body and soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Epistle. Heb. ix. 11.


Saint Cyril of Jerusalem



Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church. 

Cyril of Jerusalem was born about the year 315, and as a young man became a monk. He was ordained priest by holy Maximus, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and undertook with eminent success the task of preaching the ...

Saint Edward



King and Martyr. 

This Edward was the son of Edgar the Peaceful, King of all England. He was baptized by Archbishop Saint Dunstan of Canterbury, who fostered him in things spiritual, like as though he were his own son. When the lad was only thirteen...

Saint Patrick



Bishop and Confessor. 

Patrick, called the Apostle of Ireland, was born about the year 389, of Roman and British parentage. Blessed Martin of Tours is said to have been among his kin. But although he is usually accounted as British, the place of his...