Saint Zephyrinus



Pope and Martyr

Zephyrinus was a Roman, who in the year 199 succeeded Saint Victor I as Pope. He was a simple man, and so he made his learned Deacon Saint Callistus his adviser, which same afterwards succeeded him in the Chair of Peter. When...

Saint Louis IX



King and Confessor

Louis IX of France was the noblest king that ever reigned on earth. For in him greatness of mind and high courage were united with discipline of life, passion for God, and generous consideration for human needs. He was born in 1215,...

Saint Bartholomew




Bartholomew is that Apostle who is also called Nathaniel. For Nathaniel is his true name, whereas Bartholomew is his patronymic, derived from Bar-Tolomai, that is, Son-of-Tolomai. The Gospel according to John hath no mention of any Apostle by...