Saint Luke



Saint Luke the Evangelist.

Luke, was a physician of Antioch, who, as appeareth from his writings, was skilled in the Greek tongue. He was a follower of the Apostle Paul, and his fellow traveller in all his wanderings. He wrote a Gospel, whereof the...

Saint Etheldreda



Queen and Virgin

Etheldreda, known also as Audrey, came from a family of Saints; for she was the daughter of Anna, King of the East Angles, who with her two sisters, Saints Sexaburga and Withburga, and her two half-sisters Saints Ethelburga and...

Saint Gall




Gall was the most eminent of the personal disciples of Saint Columbanus, both as to holiness and apostolic labours. He was a learned man, trained under the Abbot Saint Comgall of Bangor; whence he was chosen as one of the twelve monks to accompany...