Saint Augustine of Hippo



Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church

Augustine was born of decent folk, at Tagaste in Africa, on November 13th, in 354. His father was a pagan but his mother was a Christian, and she had him entered on the church-records as a catechumen. As a...

Saint Hermes




Take notice, brethren, of the Commemoration today of the holy Martyr Hermes, who is said to have been a Prefect of Rome in the second century; and because he confessed Christ, he was imprisoned, and with many others put to the sword during the...

Saint Joseph Calasanza




This Joseph was born on the Feast of the Assumption in 1556, of the noble Aragonese family of Calasanza, and in 1617, after he had become a religious in the Institute which he had previously founded, namely, The Poor Clerks of the Mother of...

Saint Zephyrinus



Pope and Martyr

Zephyrinus was a Roman, who in the year 199 succeeded Saint Victor I as Pope. He was a simple man, and so he made his learned Deacon Saint Callistus his adviser, which same afterwards succeeded him in the Chair of Peter. When...