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Historic Canons The ACC's laws and customs come from a tradition stretching back to the Apostles.

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In 1977 an international congress of nearly 2000 Anglican bishops, clergy, and lay people met in St. Louis, Missouri in response to actions taken by the Episcipal Church (USA), that represented a move away from the apostolic faith as understood within the Anglican tradition.

Their object was to determine the actions necessary to establish an orthodox jurisdiction in which traditional Anglicanism would be maintained.  The documents below are the result of this Congress and the subsequent course of church governance within the ACC.

Though under copyright by the ACC, the following documents are available in pdf downloads for the purposes of evangelism, study, and advancement of ecumenical relations.  They are formatted for printing on standard 8 & 1/2 by 11" paper. 

Some, such as the Constitution and Canons of the ACC, are also available in bound copies from the Anglican Parishes Association Book Publisher.  If a document you are seeking is not listed here, please contact the APA Book Publisher at the link above for information on availability. 

Policy Statements by the College of Bishops or the Archbishop and Metropolitan may be accessed by clicking this link.