Diocese of the UK publishes annual Cycle of Prayer

The Diocese of the UK has published its new Prayer Cycle (from Advent Sunday 2014 through 2015). It is available in text and a .pdf format. Learn More »

2015 Ordo Kalendar now available from APA Book Publisher

This year's Ordo Kalendar features the art of mosaic. Fashioned through assemblage of tesserae (small pieces of colored glass or stone), mosaic is one of the oldest forms of decorative art known to man. The APA is pleased, once again, to collaborate with Fr. Lawrence Lew of the English Dominican friars, whose photographs are featured in this year's kalendar. Learn More »

College of Bishops meets in Connecticut; takes steps toward reunification of Continuing Anglicans

The College of Bishops of the Original Province met October 16th and 17th in Shelton, Connecticut, where they took important steps toward the reunification of Continuing Anglican jurisdictions. In addition to voting to receive former ACC Bishop Thomas Kleppinger back into the Church, a report on Validation of Orders was approved, paving the way towards closer relations with the Anglican Church in America (ACA) and Anglican Province in America (APA). Reception of a new diocese in the Republic of South Africa was conditionally approved and representatives were appointed to respond to a request for dialog from a large group of Anglicans in Burundi. For more information on this and related matters, see the upcoming issue of The Trinitarian. Learn More »

Explore the Website: This week's feature--Christianity in Britain

The Provincial website contains a wealth of information about the Anglican Catholic Church. While some folks may want to explore the entire site at once, others may prefer more of a "guided tour." With that in mind, these announcements will feature a different section of the ACC website each week. To see what's on for today,click the link below and enjoy! Learn More »