Diocese of the Eastern Cape (South Africa) now on Facebook; click here for link

After a discussions of evangelism strategies at their synod earlier in the year, the Diocese of the Eastern Cape has established a presence on Facebook. It is hoped that use of a social media platform will help build a sense of community among parishes, particularly as more and more South Africans go online. A diocesan website for official announcements will follow soon. To visit the Facebook page of the Eastern Cape, click the link below. Learn More »

Intransigent Bishop Removed from Office and Canonical Rolls

On February 20th, 2014, pursuant to Canon 6.17.01, Bishop Brian Iverach was removed from the College of Bishops of the Original Province for his role in arranging illicit episcopal consecrations in Lucknow, India. This follows on a request by the College of Bishops for Bishop Iverach to account for his actions and provide a response to a set of proposals intended to address issues raised by the consecrations. Absent any positive action by Bishop Iverach to resolve the situation, in three months (5/20/2014) his removal will become permanent. For more information, see this month's issue of the Trinitarian. Learn More »