Bishop Ayule-Milenge reports several parishes devastated by combat in Congo--asks for prayers

Bishop Ayule-Milenge reports that the parishes of St. Michael, Ikunda, and St. Joseph, Kinyokwe, have been devastated by combat between the Mai-Mai militia from the Bafuliro tribe and that of the Banyamulenge Tutsi, in the Mitumba Mountains. The government has sent the army to calm the situation, but today, it seems that they have taken their part in the fighting. We have no information about

G-4 Bishops release statement on late-term abortion legislation in the US; urge action and continued prayer

Bishops from the ACC, ACA, APA, and DHC have released a statement condemning the recent New York law expanding late-term abortions. Read it in its entirety at the link. Learn More »

G-4 Churches release prayer cycle including every North American parish--click here for download

The G-4 Churches (ACA, ACC, APA, DHC) have released their joint prayer cycle for 2019. Click the link below for a pdf download. Learn More »