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Flooding in Aweil leaves thousands homeless; Bishop Garang asks for aid
(August 20,2019)


Recent flooding in the Aweil state of South Sudan has wreaked havoc on infrastructure and left thousands homeless.  The UN has reported the death toll has reached 62 and more than 37,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

Weather forecasters predict little relief, as this year's rainy season, which will continue through October, is expected to be heavier than usual.  Bishop Wilson Garang, in a recent communications to the Archbishop, detailed how his parishioners have been affected

We are still experiencing very heavy rains in Aweil...  These have flooded the whole area and continue to destroy the planted crops, homes, property. There is great need to assist the affected population with medicine, food, and shelter. We also need to pray that there will be no more rains like the one we experienced recently... If the rain continues like this it will be devastating...

This month's flooding is the latest in a series of disasters to hit the central-African nation.  Earlier this summer authorities confirmed the existence of Ebola in an area near the nation's border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fears of the deadly disease have led to travel bans and additional disruption.

The ACC is working to send aid to Bishop Garang. 

Those wishing to assist in the efforts may do so through the Saint Paul Mission Society's donation page, linked here.


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