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Bishop Garang visits parishes in South Sudan--performs Confirmations and reports on need for clean water
(January 22,2018)


This week Bishop Wilson Garang returned to Nairobi after a month-and-a-half long visitation to the Diocese of Aweil.

His visitation comes at an uncertain time in South Sudan, with many people displaced from their homes by the civil war which has been raging in other parts of the country. A ceasefire, which was to take effect on December 24th, appears already to have been breached.  Without a new agreement, the three year conflict, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives and forced four million people from their homes, is likely to drag on.

Bishop Garang reports that the people of Aweil are suffering more shortages of essential supplies. The situation is made worse by an influx of those escaping violence in other regions.  While food and medication are necessary, perhaps the most acute need is for clean water.  Many acquire their water from ponds and pools, which can be fouled by animals or people bathing, and while funding for two wells has already been secured from ACC parishes in Canada, there is need for more.

Despite such hardships, the church in South Sudan continues to grow.  The Bishop reports confirming nearly a thousand people in four parishes, and his clergy are ministering to hundreds of refugees.  The ACC is also working with the South Sudanese government on the construction of a school and orphanage.  The government has made land available; the ACC has building plans.  All that is needed is financial support so that construction can begin.

Bishop Garang's report to the Metropolitan expresses gratitude for all the support he has received. He furthermore prays for God's blessing upon the ACC and its partners in the rest of the world.

Those who are interested in donating to the mission in South Sudan may do so through the St. Paul Mission Society. Checks should be marked "Sudan" and sent to PO Box 5223, Athens, GA, 30606.  Online donations may be made by clicking here.


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